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Pop Culture Cuisine

Tucked away in an alley just steps from Main Street in the heart of
downtown Canmore, 4296 is an intimate elevated dining concept and first self
created restaurant for Chef Blake Flann.

Opening in 2020, this locally owned and operated project brings together
a culmination of Blake’s personal culinary history.

4296 is an elevated restaurant with an emphasis on cocktails, serving pop culture cuisine inspired by the ever changing global food scene.


“I have a pretty good idea what a dish is going to taste like when we’re preparing it,” says Gilchrist. “When I’m at 4296 in Canmore with Blake Flann, I say to him ‘What excites me about your food is I don’t know what it’s going to taste like, but I know I want to try it.'” - John Gilchrist for the Calgary Herald 

garlic bread food


4296 Restaurant was named after the elevation (ft) of Canmore in the downtown core where it is physically located. Canmore's history was built around coal, so 4296 has partnered with Wild Life Distillery to create the Elevation 4296 Vodka - a black coloured vodka to represent this history. The vodka gets its black colour from an infusion of humic and fulvic acids while maintaining its clean flavour profile.


AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY here at 4296, Try it in your favourite vodka cocktails!

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